The collection

The collection has a wide range of updated fabrics and garments. With state of the art technology and facilities, combined with a dedicated and professional denim team, you can be sure that the collection always contains all the latest trends in fabrics and garment treatments.

We offer everything from basic lines, to advanced washed/treated garments in every OZ and fabric combinations.


  • 100% Cotton Series

  • Organic Denim Series

  • Pure Dark Indigo Series (PDI)
  • Comfort Stretch Series
  • Tinted Series

  • Flat Series

  • T-400 Series

  • Power Stretch Series

Denim fabrics qualities & properties

  • 100% cotton fabric 

  • 99% cotton, 01% lycra 

  • 98% cotton, 02% lycra 

  • 97% cotton, 03% lycra 

  • 98% organic cotton, 02% lycra 

  • Polyester – Ellasterell (Comfort stretch properties) 

  • Core spun fabric with lycra (It has comfort properties)