Save time and money

It takes patience, know-how and dedication to achieve the perfect pair of denim and it's a very long and costly process. But with The Denim Agency, jeans makers can save time and money in that process.

Saving time

  1. Sourcing professional and reliable suppliers.
  2. Sourcing fabric's and garment treatments/washes.
  3. Sending out samples to suppliers/wash houses.
  4. Supplier sourcing fabrics/washes to match samples.
  5. Coment and communicating for correct match.
  6. Reaching the final deadline for SMS.

Saving money

  1. Costs when traveling to supplier/wash House.
  2. Costs when traveling to different Cities all over Europe for inspiration.
  3. Costs when traveling to different denim fairs.
  4. Costs on samples for inspiration.
  5. Costs on hotels and services.