Code of conduct

A code of conduct is a set of rules, outlining the social norms and rules and responsibilities of an organization. Rules that include ethical, honor, moral codes and religious laws. To meet these rules it´s important, that suppliers have all approved certificates, before doing business.

The Denim Agency only collaborate with suppliers that have all approved certificates and are fully compliant with all International Social and Environmental Standards and can therefore meet all demands and requirements, for your safety and satisfaction.


  • Facility compliance of OEKO TEX Standard.
  • ISO 9000-2008.
  • SA 8000:2001.
  • GOTS/EKO Sustainable Textile.
  • Ethical Environment.
  • Approved BSCI & SEDEX.


Environmentally friendly suppliers, with water treatment and effluent treatment facilities, meeting toughest international standards.

Own power generating suppliers. Meaning that there are no disruptions in production schedules and no variance in quality, particularly in dyeing, due to external power outages.

  • Fabric and chemical testing labatories.
  • Suppliers who provide safe, healthy and helpful working environment to all Staff & Workers.
  • Operating in a safe and healthy environment assure quality production.
  • European team for continues Research and Development facilities.
  • State of art facilities at all step, to ensure optimum quality and sustainable production.
  • Vertical integration with state of the art facilities from Denim Weaving to garments finishing/Packing.
  • Suppliers who reinvest in the latest technology, to ensure good qualities and demanding garment treatments.
  • Dedicated team, of trained professionals.